Prāna Shakti is a yogic technique used for healing. In this process the Prāna, the bio-plasmic energy, is derived from the sun and temporarily stored in Ajnā Chakra, a psychic center at the pineal gland, in the mid-brain region. It is then taken, via the spine and a specific junction point (usually located at the center of the spine) to the affected part in your body. The affected parts is given a healing bath in a radiant manner, as if you poured water over your head and feel it flowing down in all directions. The technique is divided into two parts. The first part is receiving and storing Prāna, and the second one is healing with Prāna. Prana Shakti (the vital power or source of life-force) is manifested as some kind of bioelectrical energy which is pervaded in the world like air, sky, heat, light, ether and plasma. Higher amounts of this power in a living being are reflected in greater courage, alacrity, vitality and brilliance. This is a source of vitality and vigor in the body and of sagacity and talents in the mind. It accounts for the ojas (splendor or glow of consciousness) of the gross body and tejas (eminence and creativity) of the subtle body (mind). The power of prana in a human being is divided into ten categories according to its manifestation in different regulatory and vital activities. Five major types, called panchaprana under this classification are - Apana, Samana, Prana, Udana and Vyana; the five subtypes (upa pranas) are - Devadatta, Vrakala, Koorma, Naga and Dhananjaya.

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